Iqbal currently develops technology related to Image Storage, Media Servers, Metadata analysis. An extraction tool he authored has made it to the open domain(http://www.artstor.org/global/g-html/download-emet-public.html) and also been open sourced http://emet.sourceforge.net . He’s currently working on a high uptime, self-replicating, media and media information system.

Iqbal’s adventures in Python have been quite diverse, ranging from designing & instructing a university course about compiler construction in Python at GIK Institute, working at the backend layer of Telecom and social networking systems, web development using Django, app-engine development, designing games, providing python related services free lance on an ad-hoc basis and when he gets time he tries to leave a mark on the web writing about python on his blog located at https://afrobeard.wordpress.com/ He loves the language and philosophy behind clarity, he’s an ardent follower of the Zen of Python described in PEP 20(http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0020/).

Iqbal is going to stop the third person narrative right now. I love reading good books and eating good food. I love fiction, cultural anthropology, technology, marketing, management *gasp* but you the lean kind of management that makes small businesseses successful *phew*. I love digital media, digital art and absolutely love gadgets and computer games. I am a beleiver in the idea that love and compassion trumps all. If you want to connect with me feel free to stop by any of my listed networking profiles, or drop an email and say hi.

For Connecting with Iqbal, you can visit his about.me page http://about.me/iqqi


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