So Many people have asked me about my experience and how to prepare for the Microsoft Interview that I decided to put up a writeup here to help whoever might need it. This is ancient (Summer of 2005, so I’m guessing that a lot of things must have changed since then).

Well the first two things that you need for the M$ <pronounced madollar> interviews is going through two books. The first one is Programming interviews Exposed and the second one is How to move mount Fiji. You should read the first one cover to cover because it contains really valuable tips. If you dont have em, I’ll email you e-copies.I think that Programming interviews Exposed wast the most useful resource for the Madollar interview.

One big trap is GPA. I was criticized on this point by every interviewer. I’m not sure about your’s. I just told them that it was a phase in my life. You’ll have around 20 mins with each interviewer so its better to prove your mettle using up the rest of the time rather than defending something that cant be defended.

Anyways they might ask you about your projects so it is good to review your CV and write a short description about each project and what were the key points in your implementation. It’ll help you recall everything at that moment. Not sure about you but I have a really weak memory.

Do not PANIC. Think ALOUD.<<– Its human nature to correct someone who is thinking aloud even if he doesn’t even have that intention.

TAKE YOUR TIME if you think that you can solve a problem. Never feel shy to ask questions or HINTS. Sometimes the most stupidest and most obvious answers are what they are looking for.

They might ask questions that might not even have an answer. So be prepared.

An interview is just like a conversation so you can also mold its direction. Try taking it into a direction that you’re strong in:-

(My example)

-> This interviewer had a rubiks cube on his desk

<ME> Aint that a rubiks cube

<M$ man> Well yes it is

<ME> We had an AI assignment on it.

<M$ man> So you’re interested in AI

<ME> Pretty much.

// Rest of the interview was about AI

The opportunities will jump up by themselves.

Your speech should be audible. Most people reduce the level of their voice when they’re nervous. Thank god its the opposite for me. An interviewer even told me at the end not to speak so loud.

In the end they’ll ask if you have any questions, I asked them about feedback of my interviews and how life at Microsoft is and yada yada yada. At a personal level this is a good chance to make them think they know you.

Dont give up. I screwed one question in a interview when I took too long to answer a simple problem and after that I was like, thank you very much and the interviewer told me that its not over. Had I given up hope, I would not have gotten through.

Get yourself to believe that the real point of your going to Dubai is not for the Madollar interviews but actually for shopping. It helps with tension in case you experience it.


Have a good nights sleep

Dont study anything

Dont drink tea or coffee <– This tip is from my brother. They make you nervous

Half an hour before the interview dont do anything else but think about the interview. I have a mind that keeps wandering around <<– This tip is from me dad and it really helps.


Dont forget to check out the Mall of the Emirates

Hope some of this stuff helps

PS: I no longer work for Microsoft