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In my Experience, Kaltura’s installation can be daunting especially if you’re not on a CentOS based distro. However kudos to the Kaltura team because they have hosted a virutal image on their website with a good tutorial containing the steps to get it up and running: http://blog.kaltura.org/how-to-setup-kaltura-ce-4-0-vmware-image-in-15-minutes This is fine for some because VMPlayer is free, however only on windows. In order to get a dev instance up on my Mac, I setup an image from scratch after trying to find one on the internet. I’ve hosted it here. (Unfortunately I dont have the said image anymore. Sorry about the inconvinience)  Just drag it into VirtualBox and all will be fine. For the uninitiated Virtual Box can itself be found at http://virtualbox.org/ And a few notes:-

  • System Credentials: kaltura / kaltura
  • MySQL Login: root / toor
  • Admin Login for web is admin@kaltura.local / nimda . From within this you can create new users.
  • Instance is currently set to Bridge Mode Networking. You’ll have to add kaltura.local and IP of Virtal Box Machine in the Hosts File.