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I recently watched Sicko, a documentary directed by Michael Moore about the American health care system. The problem with the US is that since its such a highly service oriented industry, they dont try to give him a maximum return on his money if there is no competition, rather the parts of your body are divided by function. An example that which deeply effected me from the movie was that of a carpenter who lost both his index and his ring fingers in a carpentry accident. The cost of reattaching the fingers[for the carpenter] varied with the functionality of the fingers rather than the price it cost the hospital to reattach them. Could there be a system more evil than one who’s only purpose is to maximize profits. In a country such as the US, health care should be the responsibility of the government and should not be provided by private companies.

The film is full of heart warming anecdotes, facts & comparisons that were the result of a through study of the american health care system. I wouldnt want to leak too many details, but this is a must watch.

I also watched the Corporation which is also an interesting film. According to some experts FOSS costs the software industry 70 billion US dollars ever year in missed profits and sales oppurtunity which means that eventually large companies would have to change the way they operate. And these developments are good for the little guys out there because a free trade system with a lot of small companies and individuals offering services is a much better option in my opinion.