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You sha’nt be missed. If you guys were wondering what Vista was doing on my system in the first place, I shall confess to err is human. But I have learnt from my mistakes and I shall follow the right path now.

I shall start this post by listing issues I faced with Windows Vista:-

  1. Blue Screens of Death. Lots of em. Reminded me of the days of Win 95.
  2. Weird Graphical Glitches. Sometimes my screen looks like two screens shifted by a couple of pixels and overlapping each other.
  3. Games running too slow. Well I’ll give you the example of HellGate london. I can run it on full specs 1920×1200 on my new XP installation, however on vista I had to run it on 1080×1024 on my laptop [[2GB Ram Nvidia 7950 GTX Core2Duo Santa Rosa Architecture]]
  4. Too much clicking. In attempts to make everything look better, they’ve included in a lot of clicks. In XP you could right click Network Icon -> Status -> Properties and change your network config. In Vista however you have you open Network Center.
  5. Ctrl+Alt+Delete < This is quite significant. Rather than bringing up the Task Manager directly in vista you have to see a fancy splash screen first.
  6. Games not running. Yep its true. There are major incompatibility issues to be faced here.

And the best one which actually caused me to get rid of vista. They burn some keys into the MBR so that it isnt visible if someone installs another MBR. It has been known to wreak havoc on dual booter systems. I discovered this while installing FreeBSD on my system. Thank you for your Guidance Richard Stallman.

In case you have been hit by this problem and are seeking remedial, you can move over to http://www.clearchain.com/wiki/FreeBSD_&_Windows_Vista  for a solution.  If microsoft paired CD keys for Vista with XP, I’m sure there’d still be 75% peopleof this population still using XP.